Nepal Pum distributed Earthquake victim Relief support

Nepal Pum had provided Earthquake victim Relief supporting Thakani 9 Village Developement Commitee Sindhupalchok & Goli Developement Commitee Sindhupalchok Solukhumbu Nepal. We had distribute Rice,Oil, Salt,Sugar & Tea in the most earth quick effected area Thakani VDC 9. There are living 124 families. Likewise we had distributed 360 Tarpaulin Tents((Temporary Tent) & 130 Pack Rice in Goli Solukhumbu.Now the raining season is going to start very soon in Nepal. The immediate needs is temporary roof for villagers so we had provided  Tarpaulin Tents in Goli Solukhumbu.Nepal Pum had recived economic Supports from Alfonso Caldren Spain,Francisco Paris Bertan,Jordi Gual,Nuria Salomo, Max & Maite from Spain & Sherpa Association From USA.The problems of Nepal Goverment we had distribute Earthquick victims Relif Matrials without any logo & Name of NGO.

Nepal Pum want to say really thanks for all the Supporters.

Pictures from Goli Solukhumbu18166




Pictures from Thakani SindhupalchokDSC_003627




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