Dream Hope Future Liberary

werWith view that inhabitants of Goli V.D.C of Solukhumbu District are deprived in every aspect of development, a library nam
ed Dream Hope Future Library was established in 2008 and is in operation. Library is such place where people go to gain information on various subjects. The library has given opportunity for children, teachers and local inhabitants to know about what is happening in outer world by reading various magazines and books. This Dream Hope Future Library provides suitable books to the students studying in nearby Shree Goli Primary School to learn in modern way and this library aims to provide education with entertainment and make new literate children interested in learning.


Details of service provided by Dream Hope Future Library till now

Year Female Male Student Total
2008 35 24 45 104
2009 141 244 143 528
2010 157 271 197 625
2011 133 212 152 521
2012 155 197 176 528
2013 186 145 211 542