Donate to the Nepal Earthquake effected People…

Dear All

As we all know that the terrible tragedy struck Nepal on Sat April-25, 2015 because of massive earthquake leaving behind trail of death and destruction. The terrible tragedy has left as devastated and we pray for those killed and injured. NGO PUM Nepal has decided to raise funds to help the people affected by this tragedy and we sincerely appeal our backward community to generously donate for the massive relief operation expected to be conducted as soon as possible. As you know, this great tragedy has affected thousands of people all over Nepal, not just in the Kathmandu valley. Your donation will go to purchase, Food, Water, Medicines, Tents, Sleeping Bags and other essential materials, and transportation of relief materials to the remote Area of Nepal affected by this earthquake. To make donation by creat a Paypal & then send your friends for Donation. PUM Nepal it is registered NGO of Nepal government & conducting Social services in backward communities Nepal since 8 years. It has own reputation in remote area of Nepal. We like to request to you open a pay pal online account for donation propose. If you need authorization we will send you authorization document through our social organization. its really urgent we need to do as soon as possible. We always thank you for your continued support.

Thank You.

Ang Jangbu Sherpa/Ang Pemba Sherpa

Ngo PUM Nepa





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