Vision Of PUM Nepal

Pum Nepal vision is, simply, a better life for the people of the remote area . Our  goal is to achieve this through improvements on the basic needs of remote area people with participation of local for the developments, Education, Conservation, Social Awareness, Technical Training facility etc..which can bring the change on the large number of people.Our aim is to give our supporters the chance to assist, the chance to be involved, and the knowledge that their support has tangible results, in efficiently providing many people with solid, sustainable and practical assistance, resulting in improvements to their lives.

We Pum Nepal don’t want just throw money at the reason for building schools, setting up hospitals and medical clinics, and getting environmental projects going rather we want to develop the behaviors of equally participation since equally important is making sure that the local communities are empowered and equipped to manage and support the projects, sustainable and inclusively with taking care of them in way to take long term benefit from our small contribution. We have very strong passion that we can give something back to the remote area which has touched the lives of millions of people from all over the world. It is, while being the origin of heroic tales and inspirational feats and a place of unsurpassed beauty, also a harsh and impoverished home where, for many, basic services and amenities, and adequate protection and nutrition, are out of reach.

Pum Nepal supports projects that are on a human scale and that directly benefit people. We deeply respect our partners in the Himalayas and our work responds to their priorities and concerns. Pum Nepal supports and funds projects directly. We also join with other organizations in larger, cooperative endeavors. In every case, Pum Nepal projects involve local commitment and community participation. Therefore, Pum Nepal would like to welcome you all for your kind efforts to help us to help the people of remote area  setting up them the line of better future.