About Us


PUM is non-profit, politically non-aligned NGO, which was founded in 2006. It focuses on helping the poor and backward communities of Nepal specially remote area of Nepal. PUM is committed in supporting self-reliant and sustainable development through the education, art and culture. More than 3900 villages exists in the landlocked country Nepal. Nepal is a country of natural beauty and rich in cultural heritage. Most people rely on agriculture for the livelihood that is difficult to them depend on it. PUM has fully devoted educational trainings to train for schools teachers and students who are teaching & learning old method so from the new method to improve theirselves. Since the ” PUM ” was formed, it has already trained successfully to the schools teachers of Nepal. This training was very popular. Since it is both useful, interesting and effective to gain the education.

Since the human nature is sensible and creative, the creation of new ideas, thoughts is developed for themselves automatically. So, realizing this fact, ” PUM ” always encourages them in their new ideas and new interests.

” PUM ” has realized the necessity of implementing programs for basic needs such as domestic health education, formal education, environmental & ecological education etc. To fulfill these basic needs, ” PUM ” wants implement under the rural health program, health post and medicine distribute in free of cost. In the remote area the people don’t get first aid treatment, if they got small pain they have walk 12 hours to get hospital or clinic. So PUM wants to open a clinic first Goli Gepchuka village of solukhumbu Nepal.

Board Members
Founder Persident: Ang Jangbu Sherpa
Persident: Ang pemba Sherpa
Vice president: Palden Nima Sherpa
Secretory: Tendi Sherpa
Treasure: Ang Maya Sherpa
Member: Lhakpa Geljen Sherpa
Member: Furwa Sherpa
Member: Dendi Sherpa
Member: Pasanng Kaji Sherpa