PUM was legally registered under Government of Nepal pursuant to Organization Registration Act, 2034 (1977) in District Administrative Office Kathmandu on 14, Chaitra, 2063 B.S. (March 28, 2007 A.D.) and operated focusing on education and health as main base to assist in providing health and education in backward community residing in Himali Rural regions. Since its establishment, this organization has conducted various programs to fulfill its objectives. Nepal specially remote area of Nepal. PUM is committed in supporting self-reliant and sustainable development through the education, art and culture. More than 3900 villages exists in the landlocked country Nepal.
    Nepal is a country of natural beauty and rich in cultural heritage. Most people rely on agriculture for the livelihood that is difficult to them depends on it. PUM has fully devoted educational trainings to train for schools teachers and students who are teaching & learning old method so from the new method to improve their selves. Since the ” PUM ” was formed, it has already trained successfully to the schools teachers of Nepal. This training was very popular. Since it is both useful, interesting and effective to gain the education.

  • Objectives

    • PUM is non- profit social welfare organization.
    • To provide scholarship for children of people with poor economic status residing in backward and rural Himali regions.
    • To make books and magazines available to schools in backward and rural Himali regions.
    • To conduct child education, adult education, women education and English classes in backward and rural Himali regions.
    • To appeal for the health, tourism, culture and environmental development of backward and rural Himali regions.
    • To conduct employment training based on local recourses and equipments in backward and rural Himali regions of Nepal in order to prevent youth from going abroad for employment.